Digital change and education 4.0
What is really behind it?

Are Digital change in human resource development and education 4.0 only new keywords to market old wine in new bottles? Is this just another marketing gimmick or is there actually something new in human resources development?

So much very much in advance: Digitization involves the previously greatest revolution in human resource development - away from the organizations and individuals down to the individual.

The best professionals in the business have long made this change. Now is the organizations, to accompany these professionals in your development and to keep order.

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Digital transformation is ...

customer focus
  • demand orientation / needs assessment
  • Customizing / individual training
  • Customer-Driven

  • Automatic processing of mediation- and administrative processes
  • Self-service offerings
  • Skill/Kompetenzmanagement

Results orientation
  • promise
  • Learning transfer support
  • Evaluation of results / value added

  • Customer Journey for training
  • Communication and accompanying measures
  • Anytime, anywhere accessible
Digital HR Transformation
Research & Development
Business Development
Training and Consulting
My expertise for your success
I offer you over 20 Years of expertise in the following areas:

digital Education
Design and implementation of your digital training strategy. Training and support of the coach.

Process Automation
Definition of training- and administrative processes. Selection and implementation of automation systems.

Training Analytics
Development and optimization of evaluation systems with appropriate KPIs and reports.
Goal and performance management

product development
Designing and developing new educational products

Business Development
Construction of new digital business in continuing.

Workshops & Trainings
Strategieplanung, conception, projects, Out- / further education
It's not about technology:
IT has as much to do with the digitization as the steam engine with industrialization.
From industrialization to digitize
What is education 4.0 ?
A number after one term makes far not a new method or strategy. Yet here is as clear as hardly anywhere else: IT has become a cultural formative size. What, then, distinguishes the new major release, the version 4.0 the formation of the predecessors? In short: It is not the technology of new media, available since 20 years. It is the totality of, which is made possible by the technology and necessary in other areas:

  • Just in time and supplies - from content
  • Training delivery anywhere
  • Mass customization and personalized learning paths
  • speed, flexible, agile On Demand Angebote
  • real time - performance support
  • Networking and Internet of Things
  • Communicating with people and equipment
  • Automation of processes
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Bernd Wiest
My expertise
Internet and personal development

I worked as a graduate teacher since 1993 with online learning and working. Here I developed and was responsible for various, and intra-EU Research Projects in the field of e-learning, teleworking / Tele-cooperation and the development of learning organizations with digital media.

Customer service of T-Online / T-Com and German Telekom GmbH Customer I implemented e-learning, established both learning evaluation and competency management and built the Department of Training Evaluation on as head.

During this time I developed a wide variety of successful solutions, Products and business models, and accompanied on 100 Organizations in the Digital Personnel Development.

More information is available here:

Bernd Wiest

Digital HR Transformation

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