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Digital transformation made easy ...

  • Digitize staff development in your organization quickly and easily.

  • They provide targeted and value-added training for all employees.

  • Digitize in meaningful and budget-friendly steps with verifiable targets.

  • The system works even without their own experiences with educational technologies or innovative human resource development strategies.

My solutions for your organization ...

I support the digitization of your personal development for a targeted and value-added training of all employees. I offer sensible and budget-friendly steps with verifiable targets. The model also works even when no experience with educational technologies or innovative human resource development strategies are available.

The topics

implement eLearning

establish successful online training
Step by step.

E-Learning Strategie-Workshops
Business Case E-Learning
Pilot measures and support festelgen
Market overview and system selection
Training of trainers and authors
evaluate systems and measures and optimize

Training Analytics

Determine the value proposition of your measures with modern quality assurance and performance measurement.

Development and optimization Training Evaluation
Design and optimization of quality assurance / Quality management to DIN PAS 1032-1
Linking education with operating indicators
Introduction of evaluation systems

Process Automation

achieve cost savings through automated HR processes

Training management with self-service portals
Online tools for managers and employees
Tools and templates for trainers and authors
Learning management systems to introduce and use

competence management

Employees accurately, individually and as required further training.

Development and implementation of competence profiles DIN PAS 1092
Skills assessment and needs assessment
Competence-based human resources development
Competency management and learning transfer evaluations

Online- / dialogue marketing

Offers communicate internally

plan variation campaigns
communicate the right messages
use existing communication platforms
Motivate employees to participate

digital trends

Always prepared for the next innovation

Market Overview
Trends and innovations
Presentation of products, Systems and methods

Use the following formats

Video Traings

Get to know the most important steps in the finished video training and use my experience and expertise for your implementation.


Use different checklists, Transfer tools and software systems, to ensure your implementation success and accelerate.


Clarify in webinars and online workshops open questions and topics. Clarify individual topics and examples step by step.

Presence workshops

Take advantage of the intensive exchange and joint development of solutions in presence workshops, -trainings or consultancies on site.

Increase your benefits immediately

measurable results

Definition of measurable and achievable goals as a result of the respective conversion.

clear tasks

Defined and well-described tasks and operations. So your conversion succeeds safe.

Saves time- and budget

work packages, Online materials, reduce checklists learning- and implementation time.


Digitization also lives on information sharing. Connect yourself and get the latest information.
Digital Work
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