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In no time and me just a few clicks, Create your own video clip with one of the world's most popular 3D video animation platform.

Viddyoze is a SaaS platform to create templategestützer video animations for backgrounds, Alfknäle, Intros und Others, Logo animations and even Real Life videos with your logos and texts.

And that takes a few minutes. There are only these few steps:

  1. Select the template, the one you like best.
  2. Add your own images and text, and choose the desired color
  3. Check your selection in the preview.
  4. Render your video.
  5. Share your video or download it.

I like the product? And.

I have with the product itself money? No / Not yet

I use it for my corporate clients and in my daily work? And

Was provides Viddyoze?

The tool supports coach, entrepreneur, Freelancers and marketers in the professional presentation of their own content.

With Viddyoze you can give your own videos a more professional look. They quickly create video clips for your own presentations.

The intros and outros are great, to start your own videos or terminate.

My Life Animation, a real video sequence, where you can add your own images and alpha channel video, to overlay existing videos / images, receive fantastic short trailers or intros or marketing videos. The great looking lower thirds or Lower Thirds, in which you can add your own text, are another way, add a professional look. The labels thus produced give your videos a professional touch immediately.

With logo animation, you can perform for your products or your customers cool logo or event presentations.

What part of the business process supported Viddyoze?

The tool does not support any special process step in marketing / sales funnel. But if you use video, receive a tool, to these videos to make simple and professional. The presentations könnne also be used for marketing presentations on websites and social media channels to support the traffic generation, as in the Lead conversion on a sales side. Even with the Prdouktpräsentation directly in the sales process or to prepare a training session short clips can be perfectly used.

In a client-based business scenario (Work for customers) is a tool Viddyoze, offer to cool looking animations and videos in no time at a good price (as I always say it to my consulting clients): The most cost effective way, to produce online content, is, to start with pre-designed templates and customize them).

What's the downside?

Now, As with any template-based tool to create unique products. There may be some customers, who have already seen the video, you present them. I remember a multimedia exhibition at the then newly created free images pools were used by different companies. And interestingly, most companies have a very similar photo… is then difficult to explain to customers, dass man einzigartig ist 🙂

The best way, deal with it, is, fair and open playing: Show your customers first some of the templates and let them choose this, what they want ......

And for video production for Kundenist it helpful, To use the template club templates, even if this an additional monthly fee is due. These are much less frequently used.

For your own business, you can usually live with the risk, someone says: I've seen this before.


I work for over a year with the previous version and it was often a conspicuous Extra. I've used it in my training videos and in smaller marketing videos and product presentations and they have works really well.

Therefore, the update I like very much. If you're looking for a quick and easy way, to create their own video animations without a video producer or designer – Look at that.

Here is a brief overview and a walkthrough in a short video presentation:

More information can be found here:
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