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What matters are results.
In the digital world results are often websites. Here are some examples of my work.

eLearning Cloud

Conceived by me eLearning cloud was 2012 one of the first cloud systems for digital education. The vision was then, to provide a way for any organization, within two working days to its employees based skill just to provide online training, needed and abzurechen according to actual usage. The system had four core tasks:

  • Integration of the different eLearning content most of the manufacturers in the cloud
  • Rapid distribution of learning content to users without learning system connection
  • Invisible integration in Separate systems (Intranet or learning systems)
  • Training Evaluation and usage billing

eLearning Praxis

In the last 20 Years, I have a wide variety of companies and organizations advice on the introduction and optimization of your digital personnel development and trained coach or authors. The knowledge and experience gained from the consultation processes, workshops and training I collect online and have built up a corresponding member site for personnel developers and trainer.

The vision of this membership site, one "virtual consultant" to provide, support of all those responsible for Digital staff development in your daily work. Here you can find market overviews, Workshop-Videos, presentations, guides, product Reviews, Video-Trainings, Product Notes and other useful materials, facilitate each responsible clearly their own work.

Marketing Tools

The current wave of digitalization is above all our information- and change communication processes fundamentally. From a corporate perspective of sales and marketing, here are the first functions and roles, have fundamentally changed by digitization and automation. I have researched intensively and above all the world the last two years and the most important trends, strategies, create methods and sytems, which are necessary for this change. Engaged me most was the question, as sole traders are able, alone to generate millions in sales - what used to only companies or investors could. The answer is: With the right tools and methods of the whole process of customer acquisition and support can be automated as far as, that the volume of work of an entire department can be mastered by a Single Person. In this blog I present these findings together and place the tools and sytems ago, allowing the.

Digital Worker Academy

There is now a Velzahl scientific studies and theories on the digital transformation and industry 4.0 and of the necessary accompaniment of change through human resources development. Surprised me was the fact, that most of the information of people come, who have not umgestzt this for yourself. I have therefore sought the last two years after people, already fully live the new world of work: The "digital nomads" und Remote-Worker, the UDN arveiten partly independently and partly as employees from anywhere in the world your "Digital Lifestyle" Life. Some of the extremely rich effected Digital Worker offer their experiences and methods as Digital Training. This training offers you can find on the pages of digital Worker Academy.

Global Leadership Program

Global Leadership Program

Die Crossculture Academy (Germany) along with globin Liana (USA) is one of the largest providers on the posting of managers in other countries. One thing has clearly shown here: Almost every manager is global today - and therefore digital. At the same time show the various study results, that classical management education has almost no effect. This led to the development of a skill-based and digital coaching platform for managers. The method is a 360 ° subsequent analysis with a coaching session to the next steps festelgen. At the end of an appropriate and skill-based catalog of learning opportunities is listed, to enable the next learning steps.

In this project I develop the educational content catalog and digital marketing of the system.

Holding courage

The Adorea Holding is an amalgamation of various experts with years of experience, to expel digital solutions for personal development Digital and Network Marketing. The first product is a mental training, for over 20 Years n companies is trained.

My job is to build the worlds of learning and the digitization of learning- and booking processes.


Over the past year I have met a myriad of tools and created a variety of media. was a great insight here: It pays not to invent anew each time the wheel - There are also excellent Templates, Tools and automations, To make the job easier. This makes it possible for even small businesses, digital and visually optimized to present themselves and attract customers. is a key to this in the future both Video Marketing and target group-specific online marketing with clear measurement results.

Das Team Visible! cares about the visualization of my projects and equity investments as well, as to the marketing of other medium-sized enterprises.

HR recruiting campaigns for apprenticeships

Everybody talks about skills shortages, and it is only a problem of coming together the right partners and targeted skills development. There are both in the international arena enough suitable people (but do not speak German) as well as people in Germany, although they have a different training, However, as an outsider to bring enough skills, To be hinentwicklet to a specific spot. With this project, we will solve this. With the help of artificial intelligence and a deep learning process expertise from the biography of people are matched with the job profiles and competence requirements. The system has two sides: The applicants, which may be indicate, the career opportunities can be interesting for them and the Job Bank, which can respond with targeted campaigns candidates, who would never come by themselves to the idea, to apply here.
a.corn GmbH

a.corn GmbH

In contrast to the US and Silicon Valley, where it is common, to develop one-product companies quickly, pull up and equipped with venture capital to scale, the clocks tick differently in Germany. Here it is harder, to start a business for each product, to finance and build. It would be ideal, Committed to delivering innovation within an existing business and to test the market.

To develop projects and products quickly and to test the market, is an infrastructure - ein Framework - very helpful. This infrastructure provides the a.corn GmbH as holding my various investments as well as billing partner for the new products and projects of other experts - until they are ready for the market. The vision is, to create a Infrastrktur, to innovate quickly and test the market, without having to build an entire enterprise. In principle, the product is developed and distributed, the remainder is channeled through the a.corn GMbH. The company was formed in the course of my first start-ups, eLearning AG and holds now on average 5-10 current projects.

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