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I worked as a graduate teacher and IT'ler since 1993 with the learning and working with digital media. Here I developed and was responsible for various national and European Research Projects in the field of e-learning, teleworking / Tele-cooperation and the development of learning organizations.

Customer service of T-Online / T-Com and German Telekom GmbH Customer I implemented e-learning, established both learning evaluation and competency management and built the Department of Training Evaluation on as head.

since the beginning 2009 I develop digital educational products and business models as a developer, Founder and Managing Director. I advise and accompany companies in the use of digital media in human resource development and the digital transformation towards education 4.0.

Media and people

From my earliest youth I was interested in both the adventure computer and to work with people. As one of the first generations of computer kids playing and programming the computer for me were two variants, to have fun with the new medium. At the same time I inspired me as a team leader or coach to work with people in different clubs.

I continued my interest in working with people continuing in the study of occupational adult education. Parallel I worked as an independent IT and communications trainer as well as IT'ler for various departments, to evaluate data and prepare. 1991 I discovered the Internet and the opportunities. Already 1993 Both worlds were real to me for the first time together. As a freelancer of AUDI CBT Learning Center I met Computer Based Training. This type of digital training would not let me go. I started working as a writer and began to work intensively with computer-based learning and learning on the Internet. In my thesis 1995 I designed the basic structure of a learning management system, as it is often still used today. After graduation I had the opportunity, as a freelancer in various research projects around digital training, to develop teleworking and learning organization concepts and 100 to advise SMEs.

This showed, that many small and pragmatic solutions to digitization - useful implements - are worth more, as large and comprehensive projects, which are planned at the desk. This principle I follow today. 2001 I switched to T-Online / Telekom, to establish customer service as managers and supervisors eLearning, introduce, train the trainers and operate the offer and evaluate with modern training methods of analysis. In intensive field operation with up to 30.000 Users per year results in very fast, what methods and techniques to prove themselves in practice and what works in test environments. The results of my work are available in a variety of scientific and practical articles and lectures.

With these experiences and insights I make myself 2009 as a consultant and business developer independently and began, to support larger companies in the most diverse challenges of the digital training while building a cloud-based marketplace for e-learning content. This eLearning cloud has now been sold.

since the end 2015 I develop further, new, Educational products and accompany companies digitize their training and development.

Here, too, it turns out again, that we are not at the end of a series of innovations, but that the real innovation is only just emerging. With all the technological possibilities and the changing culture of the employees completely new personnel development concepts are possible and necessary. This has to be developed and tested, the sustainability of companies and employees in the field of human resource development to ensure sustainable.

Bernd Wiest
  • Learntec 2015: just learning: simply learning! From mass training for individual learning support - from learners to the user.
  • Learntec 2013: Lower costs for more knowledge. So your eLearning Start succeed guarantees.
  • eLBa – eLearning Baltics 2012: From training with the watering of individual support: Competence Management with eLearning.
  • Professional Learning Europe 2011: E-learning for beginners: Getting started.
  • During the 2011: From IT documentation to the IT training: Content development fast and easy in a system.
  • eLBa – eLearning Baltics 2011: Thus, from your e-learning project a perennial favorite.
  • Learntec 2011: Integration of e-learning in the
  • Professional Learning Europe 2010: anchor e-learning in the company permanently.
  • Learntec 2010: create company-specific software training itself - a challenge in the practical test ".
  • Learntec 2010: Integrated competence management as a foundation for sustainable long established staff development.
  • WEBACAD-conference "Evaluation von E-Learning" 2009: Building an E-learning evaluation in training control mode.
  • Learntec 2009: develop quality criteria Content .
  • Cebit 2008: With efficient skills development to more service-Perfomance.
  • Call Center World 2008: Efficient skills development with Rapid E-Learning.
  • Learntec 2008: Skills development and performance management.
  • Marcus Evans 2008: Assessing the Future of E-Learning & Building Blended Learning.
  • BVSP 2007: successfully use e-learning.
  • Fraunhofer Professional Training Facts 2007: Skills development and performance management.
  • DIN working group Kompetenzmodellierung 2007: integrated competency management in customer service.
  • BITKOM- AK Knowledge Engineering & Management 2007: Knowledge modules in performance management.
  • Callcenter World 2007: Efficient e-learning applications in customer service.
  • Learntec 2007: content quickly & Gut.
  • Learntec 2007: SCORM in the practice of content development.
  • Learning Technologies 2007: Efficient Learning as Part of Performance Managemen.
  • Fernausbildungskongress 2006: Rapid E-Learning for efficient learning content creation.
  • Citizens' Network Association of Bavarian 2006: Citizens' networks in community - even online.
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